Rocky Mountain Air Duct Cleaning is owned and operated by a local Colorado Native.  We strive to provide the best service at the most affordable cost to the people in the state that we love.

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Air Duct Cleaning is dedicated to providing the best cleaning services so that our clients can breathe better and live more efficiently.

What We Do

The method we use is the push/pull method.  When we arrive on the job we inspect the furnace and hook up our negative pressure vacuum to the HVAC system.  If your furnace is on and running, it is putting positive air into the home.  When we clean your system we do the opposite with our negative pressure air duct cleaning system to remove all of the dust, dirt and debris.  This is the pull part of the process.

Upon hooking up to the ductwork, we then run air lines to the furthest point from where the negative pressure system is hooked.  We use over 150lbs psi to run our Hurricane Cleaning Whip System.  This is the push part in the process.  The heat registers and runs get cleaned first and we go back and do the same process for the returns.  While this is happening the negative pressure system is removing all your debris and worries from your home.  We use an ecofriendly sanitizer in every heat run and return that is family and pet friendly.

Every home air duct cleaning includes a free dryer vent cleanout as well!

Results You Can See

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